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Hewland Gearbox Rebuild & Services

Robin Automotive, Inc., provides all aspects of rebuild, alteration, and services for Hewland Gearboxes (FT 200, FG 400, FGA 400, FGB, DG 300, LG 500, LG 600, etc).

We can install a new crown wheel and pinion.   Hewland LG 500 Crown Wheel & Pinion
We can align shift forks.  
We can re-coat the main gear case, side plates, and bearings carrier to look like new. We can also modify your gearbox shift gate for quicker, more positive shifts, and end the "side slop" problem.  
We can grind dog engagement edges, to renew or extend the life of your gear ratio inventory. We can also grind the older/wider first reverse dog and the older/wider style dog rings.

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