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Car Restoration

We at Robin Automotive, Inc., are specialists in the restoration  of vintage and classic cars. our approach to restorations is one of originality, wherever possible, and of workmanship to create a car to be proud of.

This page outlines the two-year restoration of the Osella-Abarth SE21 we completed in January, 2000. Upon completion of the project, the Osella was shipped back to its owner in Japan.

The Osella was delivered to us in a sad state, to say the least. Years of neglect and being "rode hard and put away wet" took their toll on the car. The result was disastrous—rust, corrosion, dirt, oxidation, etc.  
In the foot box, the pedal pivots seized, the master cylinders corroded, the brake hoses cracked, the steering rack rusted, the plating flaked, the frame rusted...The list of work to be done seemed endless.  
The right front frame showed obvious damage. The fiberglass panels were warped and delaminated from the frame, and the chassis tubes and pick-up points were bent. What a mess!  
We media-blasted, repaired, and repainted the fiberglass panels, and then bonded them to the frame. We repaired and replated the suspension, rebuilt and coated the uprights, as well as the calipers, and rebuilt the spindles, among others.  
Finally, we did a major overhaul of the engine, including making a new flywheel from scratch! Piston sourcing for this application was a nightmare, but the rebuild was completed successfully.  On January 12, 2000, we rolled out the Osella-Abarth FIA Sportscar in new clothes and ready to race. It sounded GREAT!!  



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